For us women, masturbating to orgasm is a fantastic way of enjoying ourselves with no-strings, deeply satisfying sexual gratification.

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Get out your favourite dildo, lube it up and slip into a warm bath for a serious pleasure-giving session. For really intense and deeply satisfying masturbating, insert and thrust with a dildo while holding a mini vibrator or bullet (a water-proof one for the bath or shower) to your clitoris with your other hand. There are many sex toys on the market specifically made to seek-out and stimulate the g-spot.

Glass dildos work well at this because they are hard and do not flex.

Also try sliding a finger or two just inside your vagina entrance from the top, and pressing down on your clitoris as you do so.

The clitoris is a mini penis, though much more sensitive. When you feel the urge start rubbing a little more vigorously, especially from side to side, and give your now eager clitoris a gentle slap with your fingers every now and then.

Masturbation is like tuning a radio, you don’t know what frequencies you’ll enjoy until you play with the knobs.

Masturbation has a complicated stigma attached to it; everybody is doing it, but not everybody talks about it.If your breasts are large enough, try licking your nipples.Your breasts are a fabulous erogenous zone that should not be ignored during all kinds of sex play, including masturbation.Some were told that touching oneself would cause cute kittens to die, some were told masturbation led to blindness…“Getting Off: A Woman’s Guide to Masturbation” is here to debunk those masturbation myths, and reinforces the truth.By creating an account on Da Chix, you will get instant access to our huge community of amateur porn lovers. Your membership will also give you access to free full length porn movies exclusive only to our members. Create your account now and log in to access high quality content.