Within hours, Mangum claimed she had been kidnapped, and raped and sexually assaulted in Evans’s bathroom by an ever changing number of white Duke lacrosse players at the party.She told that story in the early hours of March 14 to a counselor at Durham Access, a social-services center, and then again to a nurse at the Duke University Hospital.

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” Lamade then grabbed a broomstick and told Roberts, “I’m going to shove this up you.”)“That statement made me uncomfortable, and I felt like I wanted to leave,” Roberts later explained.

“I raised my voice to the boys and said the show was over.” To decide what to do next, Roberts then grabbed Mangum, and together they headed into David Evans’s room, and then back into his bathroom. “Guys on the team were upset and wanted their money back,” Flannery recalled.

A friend had driven her there in his car and then left.

There were some signs that she had been drinking and was already unsteady on her feet.

The lacrosse team had practiced that morning and afterward had met with coach Mike Pressler.

Since Duke’s cafeterias were closed for the week, Pressler doled out around ,000 in cash to the 46 players to pay for their meals and other sundries. to be exact, were performances by two “exotic dancers.” That afternoon, co-captain Dan Flannery called the Allure Agency, in Durham, and hired the women for two hours. They would be paid 0 each—money that the co-captains collected from some of their teammates, who put in each.Both women were single mothers and both had had previous run-ins with the law—Roberts for embezzling from an employer, Mangum for a variety of incidents, including a bizarre drunk-driving episode after stealing a taxi.(There was a warrant still out for Roberts’s arrest; after the taxi incident, Mangum had pleaded guilty to four misdemeanors, served a short time in jail, and was placed on two years’ probation.) The two women had never met before. “There were about 20 to 25 young guys there who were all sitting down,” Roberts recalled.You had to pay for us.” At that point, Flannery said, the guys on the wall screamed, “Go home and feed your kids.”For his part, co-captain Zash remembered overhearing one of his teammates say, “Well, we asked for whites, not niggers,” to which Roberts replied, “That’s a hate crime—I’m calling the police.” As she drove away, Roberts kept thinking, “It was almost unbelievable.All I kept going back to was ‘I can’t believe these are Duke students.’ ”And then things got much worse.Evans said Mangum “went down” on Roberts, although later neither Roberts nor Mangum recalled having had oral sex. “Things were said that made me concerned for my safety,” she recalled.