A catchy Beatles soundtrack and lots of bed-hopping does not alter the fact that at the finale the viewer feels empty and depressed. Low self esteem, loneliness, vapidity and desperation are the characteristics of these Shampoo Wives, Husbands and Singles..

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Good to see Tommy Lee Jones when he was still first starting out in films.

The DVD played as new so there was a crisp, clear picture throughout. While I'm a huge fan of Hal Ashby -"Harold and Maude" is one of my all time favorite films -"Shampoo" is a film I really like and respect, but can never quite take the leap to loving.

It's certainly funny, and it has moments of real sadness, insight and sharp edged political satire.

The way these upscale, self-involved Los Angelenos of1968 partake of the free-love freedom of the 60s, but lose the associated political consciousness - completely ignoring Nixon's impending election - is a valid an interesting observation (albeit one the film kind of beats to death).

But the story of George, an uber-hip promiscuous hairdresser, and his assorted bedmates never quite feels like it has the depth it pretends to, nor is it as funny as it wants to be.

Beatty is good playing a send up of his own image, but I felt so aware that he was doing exactly that, that it sort of took me out of the film.

This was about six years after she passed away, and about 6 years prior to my starting this research into the Flipside.

That we have access to everyone who has ever gone before, that with a good amount of meditation, self reflection, perhaps a trip to a hypnotherapist, or even a medium who is recommended to you - we can access those loved ones who've gone before us, give them a voice to communicate with us, and give us insight into what they learned while they were on the planet.

And Warren Beatty is just a harassed, mumbling fool in this.