I think both of us expected that getting her pregnant would take some time. Its measurements were consistent with five and a half weeks, not nine — which is what was calculated based on her last period. Wait to see if maybe her dates are off because of conception.

We can’t — we — both know what it’s like for your body to lose a pregnancy.

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One way to sidestep both of these problems is to carry out your own network penetration tests.

In this article, we'll discuss both how to do your own security testing and conduct internal penetration testing, and how to find the best third-party service should you choose to hire an outside pen tester.

The Oval Motorcycle Centre (OMC) is the brainchild of Simon Fraulo.

He has worked as a lighting manager at the National Theatre for more than 20 years but two-wheelers have always been his passion: “My aim is to provide an ideal environment for bikers to work on their machines and, for those with less experience, a chance to learn how motorcycles work, alongside like-minded people with the same enthusiasm.” Overalls and steel toe-capped boots can be hired, while eye protection and latex gloves are supplied free, along with the essential tea-making facilities.

The centre also runs training courses in basic motorcycle maintenance.

For more information visit the Oval Motorcycle Centre website.

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I was hoping to be able to share the happy news that my wife is pregnant. Amazingly, her first try was successful, and we got a positive (albeit very faint) pregnancy reading last month. We’d been through hell and back with me, hurdle after hurdle, disappointment after disappointment. At least, we didn’t expect it to be first-try-successful easy. But we know exactly when the sperm entered her, so we have a fairly accurate conception date, which is six weeks. I know they’re not supposed to “diagnose” and we didn’t expect her to, but she was barely capable of even answering our questions. Just a yolk sac at six weeks isn’t that great either, but seeing a heartbeat on an ultrasound a few weeks later and going on to have a healthy baby is not unheard of.

Whether you are a seasoned cook or just trying your hand at a new recipe, we’ve rounded up a deliciously tasteful variety of Anniversary-worthy bites that are sure to tempt even the pickiest eater!