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They asked if I was nervous, and told me there was nothing to worry about. Lisa began moving a little closer to me and put her hand on my thigh.

“Mae, we’re so excited to show you the pleasures of being with another person.

When they arrived and waved me down excitedly, Lisa got out of the car and gave me a big hug.

This shocked me a little because I’m not a big hugging person but that’s nothing compared to how close we were going to get soon.

The anticipation and waiting made me gasp a little once she did touch me which made Lisa pause for a moment. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” I quickly told her “Oh it okay, I’m fine… But it feels good.” Looking relieved Lisa began slowly rubbing my clit through my underwear again, this time with a little more pressure.

By then I was so excited that my clit wasn’t hard to find.

Everyone thinks I’m so innocent but goddamn do I want to have sex.

Sadly I’m too shy to come on to people that I’m unsure of whether they are into big girls or not and it’s hard finding out if they are up for some good friends with benefits stuff. Yeah I know it’s not always safe but I knew how to handle it.

With in minutes I was moaning quietly, happy from how things were turning out so far.

I noticed Mica watching from the review mirror and smiling as his wife got me off.

” I quickly nodded and looked at Lisa hoping she understood. Pulling her hand away, Lisa scooted away slightly, then asked me to re-position myself so that my back was leaning against he car door, and my legs slightly draped over Lisa’s.